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Expert Advice on Dog Pregnancy from Your Everett Veterinarian


When your pet pooch is expecting, it helps to know how to take care of her. With proper care and nutrition, your canine will be able to deliver her healthy puppies safely. At Brier Veterinary Hospital, we are here to guide and prepare you to handle your dog’s two-month pregnancy period like a pro. Our veterinarians in Everett will share all the valuable advice, so there is nothing to stress over. 

Once we confirm your canine is pregnant, here are some tips for her to stay healthy. 


Focus on Proper Nutrition 

Your pregnant four-legged companion must receive proper and adequate nutrition at this stage in her life. We recommend a gradual increase in her food intake towards the last few weeks of her pregnancy. 

Avoid feeding your pregnant pet larger meals at one go as that can cause her significant discomfort. Smaller meal portions that are given more frequently work better and provide her with the nourishment she needs without causing discomfort.

Schedule Regular Check-ups 

Allow our veterinarian in Everett to conduct a thorough prenatal check-up on your dog and establish facts. Regularly bringing in your pregnant canine to us for check-ups is highly advisable. We can thoroughly examine for any alarming signs pointing towards abnormalities or other issues. While at our hospital, we are also able to equip you to handle any emergencies that may arise during your pet’s pregnancy, labor, or delivery.

Know What to Expect

As the time for your furry pal to deliver draws nearer, she will display one or more of these symptoms: 

  •         Stop eating in the days leading to her delivery
  •         Start panting heavily
  •         A drop in body temperature
  •         Look around for a nesting spot


Prepare a whelping box to cater to this very moment and get your pet accustomed to it beforehand. Your pregnant pooch requires a safe and comfortable haven to deliver puppies, which is what this box provides. 

Consult with the Our Expert Veterinarian in Everett 

Schedule an appointment with us at the Brier Veterinary Hospital, and we will accompany you as your family expands with the arrival of newborn puppies. 

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We Treat Your Pets Like Family!

We Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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