If you have a pet who is three years of age or older and hasn’t received professional dental care, they probably have periodontal disease. In fact, about 90% of adult dogs suffer from some degree of periodontal disease. Without treatment, oral health problems can lead to pain, tooth loss, infections, and even damage to the organs, including the heart and kidneys. In some cases, it even leads to premature death. At Brier Veterinary Hospital, we provide expert dental care to help keep your canine companion’s teeth and gums in good condition. While we recommend bringing your pet in for dental services annually, here are a few specific signs that your dog needs to see a pet dentist in Everett. 
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Symptoms of Dental Problems in Dogs

Dental problems can cause numerous symptoms. Five of the most common include: 

  1. Foul-smelling breath
  2. Swollen, red, and/or bleeding gums
  3. Buildup of yellowish-brown plaque and tartar on the teeth
  4. Excessive drooling
  5. Reluctance to eat, which may lead to weight loss

In addition to these symptoms, dental problems may also cause swelling on one side of the face, changes in behavior, or dropping food while eating. And, of course, if your pet has cracked or missing teeth, they need to see a pet dentist right away. 

How Your Pet Dentist in Everett Can Help

As your pet dentist in Everett, Brier Veterinary Hospital provides a complete range of dental care services for dogs. From exams and X-rays to comprehensive cleanings and extractions, we perform all of the services needed to give your pet a healthy smile. We can also advise you on how to properly brush and care for your canine companion’s teeth at home in between appointments. 

If your pet is due for dental care, let our expert team lend a hand. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend or to learn more about our complete range of dental services.