Pet Wellness & Preventative Care

Welcome to Brier Veterinary Hospital, your partner in promoting lifelong health and happiness for your cherished pets in Mountlake Terrace, WA. We believe a proactive approach to pet care is the key to ensuring your furry companions lead vibrant and joyful lives.

Pet Wellness & Preventative Care in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Our wellness and preventative care services are designed to provide comprehensive support from the earliest stages of your pet’s life to their golden years. At Brier Veterinary Hospital, we’re committed to nurturing your pets’ well-being so they can thrive at every stage of their journey.

Our Wellness Services

When you bring your pet for wellness and preventative care services, the first step is a comprehensive snout-to-tail exam. We’ll check your pet’s vital signs, look and feel for potential problems, and ask you some questions regarding their health. From there, we may recommend vaccinations or boosters, routine bloodwork, parasite testing, treatment, prevention, etc. We may also talk to you about the benefits of things like microchipping and having your pet spayed or neutered.

Your pet’s wellness appointment is also a good time for you to ask questions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your dog or cat’s care or health, please don’t be afraid to bring them up.

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Helping Pet Parents Make the Best Decisions For Their Companions’ Care

Wellness and preventative care are key components in ensuring the long-term health of dogs and cats, and we strive to help animal owners understand just how important routine services – like exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and microchipping – are.

Whether you have a brand-new puppy or kitten or an older pet, keeping up with their wellness care is vital in ensuring that they can remain by your side for years to come. Brier Veterinary Hospital offers wellness and preventative care in Mountlake Terrace and would be honored to help get your pet’s health on track.