August is National Immunization Awareness Month and, just like our human children, our fur babies need to stay up to date on their vaccines. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent pets from contracting dangerous viral and bacterial diseases. Without taking the proper preventative measures, your pet is at risk. In addition to this, vaccinating your pet will also protect people from contracting diseases that are transmittable from animals to humans. We’ve answered your top five questions about Mountlake Terrace pet vaccinations.
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How Do Vaccines Work?

Vaccinations for animals, like humans, are rigorously tested for safety before becoming available for use. Vaccines trigger the immune system, producing antibodies to fight diseases so that if your pet comes in contact with the disease in the future, their body already has the tools to fight it off.

What Diseases Do Vaccines Prevent?

Dogs and Cats require different vaccinations due to the varying diseases to which they are susceptible to. Here are some of the diseases preventable by vaccine.

Preventable Diseases in Dogs: 
  • Kennel Cough
  • Canine Distemper
  • Canine Hepatitis
  • Heartworms
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Parvo
  • Rabies
Preventable Diseases in Cats:

When Should My Pet Get Vaccinated?

Typically, vaccinations for puppies and kittens begin around 6-8 weeks and continue on a schedule based on your pet’s size, breed, and health. Talk to your Mountlake Terrace vet about what vaccination schedule is right for your pet.

Will My Pet Have Side Effects?

In deciding to vaccinate your pet, you and your veterinarian have determined that the risk of side effects outweigh the dangers of contracting the diseases they prevent. Most common side effects pets experience after vaccination include:

  • Discomfort at the injection site
  • Mild swelling
  • Mild fever
  • Decreased appetite
  • Decreased activity 
  • Sneezing or coughing (after intranasal vaccine)

These side effects are temporary, lasting only a day or two. If you notice any severe swelling, persistent diarrhea, vomiting or signs of an allergic reaction, contact your vet right away.

Where Can I Find Mountlake Terrace Pet Vaccinations?

If you’re looking for pet vaccinations in Mountlake Terrace, a Brier Veterinary Hospital veterinarian will be happy to see your pet and determine what will best fit their needs. Call to set up an appointment today!