Wellness care is vital for pets regardless of what life stage they are in and is crucial to long-term health. Here at Brier Veterinary Hospital, we are experts when it comes to pet wellness in Everett, and we are available to help you provide proper care for your pet from puppy or kittenhood through their senior years. Please read on to discover more about routine wellness care and why it’s so fundamental to your cherished companion’s general health and wellbeing. 
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What Are Routine Wellness Services? 

Wellness care consists of a wide array of services meant to sustain a pet’s health and defend against health problems. Usually, routine wellness appointments include a comprehensive physical examination along with preventative services, such as vaccines and flea, tick, and internal parasite prevention. Your pet’s vet may wish to discuss other things, too, including neutering/spaying, having your fur baby microchipped, or nutritional/behavioral guidance.

Why Does Wellness Care Matter? 

Making sure that your four-legged best friend’s routine wellness needs are met is one of the most effective ways to help them enjoy as many healthy, happy years by your side as possible. Staying on top of preventive care also gives our staff a chance to uncover minor symptoms and start treatment before they develop into more serious issues. Scheduling a wellness visit once or twice annually (depending on your cat or dog’s life stage and whether they have known health problems) can literally add years to their life while helping you avoid the cost associated with serious illnesses.

Why Choose Us for Pet Wellness in Everett?

As experts in pet wellness in Everett, the loving staff at Brier Veterinary Hospital is here to provide the high-quality wellness care your precious pet requires throughout their life. From their first vaccinations to ensuring their comfort and happiness as they grow older, Brier Veterinary Hospital is here to provide the wellness care your dog or cat requires. For comprehensive pet wellness care in Everett and the nearby communities, please contact us